Mounting Operation and Tips


Horizontal Mounting

This option allows the Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker to remain portable. A piece of wood with size 2 x 8 x 24 inches (not included) is recommended for convenience in operation and storage.


Vertical Mounting

Mounting on a convenient wall stud or upright beam provides a more permanent installation of the Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker. The handle should be positioned at a comfortable

level to apply downward pressure.



Once your Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker is mounted, you can start cracking nuts:  

  1. Your Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker should be positioned so that the handle is not higher than your elbow.
  2. Using the black knob, adjust the bolt to accommodate the type of nut you wish to crack.  The gap between the bolt and the holder when the handle is pushed down should be about half the size of the average nut.  
  3. Place the nut vertically between the holder and the adjustable bolt. If the handle creates an angle of over 45 degrees with the mounting board when the nut is in place, then the gap between the bolt and holder is too small. Readjust.  
  4. Press down on the handle, taking care to keep fingers away from the nut. This causes the shell to break outward from the nutmeat, giving larger pieces. 


  • DIfferent amounts of pressure are needed for different sizes and types of nuts.  Too much pressure will shatter the nutmeat. If you are having this problem, ease up on the pressure, or adjust the bolt as you would to accommodate a larger nut.

  • Black Walnut shells crack easiest if the nuts are not too dry with age.

  • For best results, avoid storing Black Walnuts beside a furnace or radiator. The heat can dry the nuts.

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